Monday, March 23, 2009

Meandering Monday

Well, well. It was quite a day at work and when I came home all I wanted was dinner and down time. Too bad! Never is life that simple! So, after cooking dinner, doing some errand running and whatnot I finally got some time to sit down and get online.

After meandering about the internet for a while I decided to find something new. I did this by going to a random blog and then clicking on one of the blogs listed in the side bar. I then repeated the random blog selections until I landed somewhere that caught my fancy. Which is where the above picture comes in. What you see up top is a lovely Holiday Cottage in the Scottish Highlands called Papa Stour's Bolt Hole. You can rent it out. I'd like to rent it out. All by myself. For about a week. Yeah - a week by myself....mmmmm, sounds good!

At any rate, since I'm not able to skip off on a holiday, post haste, I'm taking a little mental vacation this evening. I'll just imagine myself there, enjoying the scenery, reading, napping, taking long walks. I'll bet there's tea and scones. At Papa Stour's Bolt Hole. In the Scottish Highlands. No, I don't know what a "Bolt Hole" is - perhaps a place you 'bolt' to when you need a break? Don't make me think hard!

If you want to have a look/get more info:


Mahala said...

I'd like to meander.

Kristina said...

Maybe I should vacation up there and let you know how it is :)

LUCKY said...

That would be great have some haggas and ale!!!

Eldersisastronomer said...

You know, when you hit menopause, you get to take short, intense, *private* vacations in the tropics... just thought you'd like to know that.

BSH ADMIN said...