Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Breast by Any Other Name...

I made a Wordle Cloud with the word breast spelled out in several languages. I hope you enjoy my beautiful 'breasts'!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Seriously?! A Look at the Nursing Bra of Yore...

Alright ladies, if you were lucky enough to be around in the mid to late 1800's you might possibly have worn one of these beauties!

Yes, it's a nursing bra! Well...nursing corset is more likely what you'd call this. Or nursing torture device. It's quite the specimen is it not? Love those flaps! Woo-hoo! Just pour yourself into sand in an hourglass. Then put your pettycoats and hoops and dress over this and you are ready to go!

Note the adjustable, lace up back for your comfort! It's hard to imagine forcing myself in to one of these before pregnancy let alone after giving birth. Of course it was likely not worn until after some period of confinement but I'll tell you what - I don't care how much baby weight you lost, this would still be a nightmare. Hmmmm. I feel downright scantily clad after looking at this!

Hey, it's still October, so wander over yonder and fund a mammogram by clicking the link! Your mammaries will thank you..or someone's mammaries will thank you..

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Toast To Breasts!

Once upon a time, last year, I was at a sports bar with friends watching a hockey game. Someone at the table ordered up a round of drinks and we got a:

Buttery Nipple: 1 part each of Butterscotch Schnapps and Bailey's Irish Cream. Oh my gosh was it ever delicious!

When I looked it up I saw that there were several variations and since I am a lover of Goldschlager I thought I may have to try a:

Nipple on Fire: Same as above but with an equal part of Cinnamon Schnapps thrown in.

Go ahead and tipple a nipple, if you dare, and don't forget to click on the breast cancer link over yonder!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The capacity of a rock to split along certain parallel surfaces more easily than along others.

Not what you were expecting was it?

The intramammary cleft, or space between a woman's breasts. When viewed from the side it is known as side cleavage or sideboob. When seen from the underside it is known as neathage, or Australian cleavage (down-under), or underboob.

Just thought you'd like to know! Now please click the Breast Cancer link over there on the left. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Triple Nipple

In my effort to keep you abreast of all things boob related I present to you: Triple Nipple!

One to two percent of North Americans have a supernumerary, or triple, nipple. Maybe that should be supermammary nipple. The majority of third nipples are neighbors of the usual nipples but have been known to occur on other parts of the body - including the bottom of the foot. Ouch!

Triple nipples occur more often in men than women, wouldn't you think it would be the other way around? Extra nipples usually don't form as a full breast - that would be known as an 'accessory' breast. What's that? You thought all breasts are accessories? Well...sorta, maybe....I mean, they do add to the look of an outfit. Except on men. Unless the man is wearing I tight fitting t-shirt. Ahem.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Never Give a Fembot a Mammogram

Nothing says, "Keep your hands to yourself!" like the sight of a double-barrel Fembot! If I were a radiology technician I certainly wouldn't ask one of these gals to step up to the 'plate.' Even Austin Powers, with all his mojo, wouldn't dare. Nuff said!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Men and Breasts

Check it out, ladies - how about that breastplate! Mmmm-mmmmm!

Ah, breasts, they arent' just for women you know! Breast cancer isn't just for women either. According to The American Cancer Society men account for about 1% of breast cancer cases. In 2010 it was expected that about 1,970 new cases of breast cancer in men would be diagnosed and would result in approximately 390 deaths in men (almost 40,000 women die of breast cancer each year). A man's lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is about 1/10 of 1%, or one in 1,000.

While this breast plate will protect a man's breasts (and all those fabulous abs (6-pack? 12-pack? 20-pack?) from all manner of weaponry inflicted harm it won't protect him from breast cancer. Nope, no protection there. So we must rely on manual breast exam. You see where this is going, don't you? I would gladly volunteer to feel this guy up. Oops! Did I just say that? Ladies, if you love a man, feel him up. For his own good of course.

Gentlemen, seriously....protect your boobies!

This has been a public service announcement.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gaze Into My Ta Ta's!

Is this not the most mesmerizing bra ever? Are you getting dizzy just gazing at it? I think it would take a hypnotist to convince me to contort my breasts into this bra. Bet I'd get lots of looks if my chest poked out in double pyramid fashion. Hmmmm. Well, now that I have your attention, please visit the breast cancer link over there on the left side of my page and click to fund mammograms. If you don't, the Brassiere Fairy will visit you during the night and force you into the double pyramid. And believe me, it won't be an uplifting experience.

Oh yeah, welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness month. Come back each day for more uplifting experiences!