Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Crying Out Loud!

Hello from sunny Florida. Yes, that's right, SUNNY FLORIDA!! Oh, it was sunny alright. With a beautiful blue sky too.

The high was 44. Figure in the wind chill and it was more like 34.

In the middle of the day.

In Florida. Sunny Florida.

The low tonight is supposed to be 21.


In Florida.

That's damn cold.

Damn cold in Sunny Florida.

Don't you know, just for kicks, my gas light came on just as I was getting home from work? Normally I would wait and get gas on the way to work in the morning but I'm very sure I won't want to stand outside pumping gas tomorrow morning.

I fixed dinner and pretty much forgot about the gas tank until about 9:30 tonight, and by then the temperature had dropped to 27.

27 degrees.

In Florida.

Beautiful, tropical Sunny Florida.


Kristina said...

Yay a new post. Lmao. I heard it was cold there. Good luck with that weather.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

I'm in Denver. right now it is -3 degrees. I just went outside to see if the grand daughter's water bottle was in the car. I just went without a coat and just slippers on my feet. But alas, the car light does not light up. I stood there feeling around the car seat in the dark, my backside feeling pretty cold.
ya, I'm done with winter. . .bleah.