Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three Destinations...Or One?

I was in Phoenix for Christmas and came across this sign one day. Kind of makes you wonder if the Prison, Surprise and Zoo are all the same destination?!

Anyway, speaking of zoos and surprises, when I saw this sign I was on my way to a family gathering - a surprise 80th birthday party for my dad. We had more than 30 family members and numerous friends there for the fun. We also had some dance instructors come in and give us a group lesson in salsa and swing. Oh, and some terrific sangria... Oh yeah - it was fun!

By the way, there really is a town called Surprise in Arizona.


Vee said...

Now that's a neat sign. My father is going to be 80 this year. He won't be doing any dancing or making merry. Your dad's party sounds like great fun!

Significant Snail said...

My dad got to be entertained by our dancing rather than join in, but he was definitely part of the merry making!

AmericanRoo said...

I love that sign! lol
I have the picture too, I thought it was awesome.

Super Happy Girl said...

HA! That's just one stop for everything.
I want to see the Surprise.