Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey! I'm Stylish!

I was cruising along the internet (that font of all knowledge worth knowing) when I made a discovery: I'm fashionable! That's right, I'm where it's at, hip, trendy, with it. That's me. I'm no Fashionista - I'm a Recessionista! The day of the bargain hunter is here, ladies and gentlemen.

I've always loved a bargain but now getting a deal is considered chic. In fact, 'recessionista', along with 'chiconomics', ranks right up there as a new buzzword for 2009. The art of living well and looking good on the cheap is in vogue and I couldn't be happier. It's not that I don't like nice things and fashionable clothes - indeed I do. But there's something wonderful about getting what you want at a great price. If I won the lottery for example, I would still revel in getting a deal. Not that I wouldn't make some over the top purchases, but I could never give up on finding the best price.

Now, my 16 year old would never in a million years say that I'm stylish. Admittedly I could use some updating from time to time. I do try to stay 'with it' without looking like a 48 year old pretending she's 16, cause that's just plain scary. So it sure was nice to be able to inform her that her mother is trendy. Actually, I see a lot of styles today that are quite like the things I wore at her age...too bad I didn't save it all - she'd have vintage chic clothes.

Woo-hoo! Go me!! For once I'm stylish, and as my younger daughter pointed out, "There's a first time for everything!"


LUCKY said...

Cool, but I got to say that lady in the picture looks like she made that dress from a table cloth! But Im a dude what do I know!!

Mahala said...

I heard that word for the first time yesterday and went flying in to Lulu's office to share... but she poo pooed it. I'm glad you're here to share my appreciation for craptacular new words!!

Significant Snail said...

Lucky: It sure does look like a table cloth! I think she's ready for a fiesta!

Mahala: I love a new word - especially one I can relate to!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Wahoo! I'm one too! Resessionista ready for a Fiesta! But I wouldn't wear that table cloth. Sorry

happyian said...

If our parents saved vintage clothes for us
it wouldnt be cool...

thats the whole problem..

Significant Snail said...

Annie: yeah, I'd have to be really desperate to wear the tablecloth - or perhaps just out to embarass my kids!

Ian: the problem is storage space...besides, things go out of style and we can't imagine we'll ever want to wear them again!