Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Art Gallery

My girls are creative in many ways. They write fabulous stories, make up songs and create some pretty imaginative works of art. Today I'm going to share with you some of their creations. Let's start with The Crab. My youngest made this when she was in 2nd grade, using styro-foam and toothpicks. She did this while patiently waiting for our food to arrive at a restaurant.

This next piece was made by my youngest about 2 years ago with found items from the junk drawer. He is a robot, and was made to assist Gerbil Thingy - her favorite beanie baby/superhero/plaything. Robot has a head/snout made from a binder clip, one foot is a key and the other is the metal spring from a clothespin. The racket-like object is one of those Easter-egg dippers that finally found a use. Put a pipe cleaner and a bit of junk in a child's hands and this is what you get.

Before you is Fred da Cactus, the newest creation of my youngest. Fred was designed to enhance her notebook, which has a clear pocket on the front where Fred resides, much to the amusement of her middle-school friends. I suspect he came to exist during a period of boredom in class. That's how it is in middle-school.

I present to you, Beavis Maximus. My eldest created this regal sculpture in honor of beloved Beavis during her first year in high school. No, I don't know why. He wasn't an assignment, just something she came up with while hanging out with a friend in the art room after hours. Love his laurel wreath...he even has tiny, little nipples... oh my! She and her friend had many a laugh over this fellow. This photo doesn't really do him justice.

This artwork I shall simply title, Flowers. Eldest created this to hang on her bedroom wall. The colors match her bedding and it's a combination of paint, glued on construction paper, markers and ink. The reverse side is a painting she made that she didn't like. Nothing like a bit of recycling, eh? Again, my photo does not really do it justice.

Last, but not least, is my eldest daughter's 3D Art. Ok, that's not really it's name so much as it's description. This piece was an actual assignment. I like the fact that I can turn this sculpture in any direction and it works! I also like the vibrant colors - most of her work is done in vivid colors.

My collection of the girl's artwork dates back to their earliest creations. I'm sure the collection will continue for as many years as I am around to display/collect/store it! I hope you have enjoyed it too.


Lucy said...

Wow! I'd say those kids have some artistic talent hidden away that wants to come out. My kids just picked up a blob of mud and said .. "what's this". Of which I never did guess the right thing.

Significant Snail said...

Lucy: we also have some blob-like things - I just didn't share them!

LUCKY said...

Those are great course being a big Beavis and Butthead fan I dig Beavis the abstract is awesome too!!I remeber playing with found little tresures and having adventures!!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I guess my favorite is the crab. But they all are great.
I still have a sculpture I did of Mark Twain when I was in 4th grade.
And my wall in my sewing room is filled with sweet drawings and notes my children did for me.

eldersisblob said...

Well, as I recall, their mother wrote some rather odd poetry in her day...


Significant Snail said...

Lucky: I was impressed with her Beavis creation!

Anne: I have a couple of framed pieces - I like your idea of filling a wall.

ESA:'ll wake the sleeping giant!

Leigh said...

Yep, you've got some very creative kids there! I really like the crab.

I always try to save Dakota's artwork, I've started a little notebook and have a small chest.

Vee said...

Very talented! You're such a good mom to save it all, too.