Friday, October 14, 2011

Seriously?! A Look at the Nursing Bra of Yore...

Alright ladies, if you were lucky enough to be around in the mid to late 1800's you might possibly have worn one of these beauties!

Yes, it's a nursing bra! Well...nursing corset is more likely what you'd call this. Or nursing torture device. It's quite the specimen is it not? Love those flaps! Woo-hoo! Just pour yourself into sand in an hourglass. Then put your pettycoats and hoops and dress over this and you are ready to go!

Note the adjustable, lace up back for your comfort! It's hard to imagine forcing myself in to one of these before pregnancy let alone after giving birth. Of course it was likely not worn until after some period of confinement but I'll tell you what - I don't care how much baby weight you lost, this would still be a nightmare. Hmmmm. I feel downright scantily clad after looking at this!

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