Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eye-Candy

I was just hopping about the internet looking for some images to share with you all. Easter eye-candy, so to speak!

The Easter Bunny that comes to my home doesn't take the time to paint eggs like this. We do end up with some drips, however...

I don't know why these bunnies are taking these eggs for a boat ride, but I sure do like they egg-shell boat.

I love these hand painted eggs. This is one of those projects that I say I'd like to do someday. You never know. It could happen!

Easter Cows?! Really??? What have cows got to do with Easter Tide? They are looking rather adorable on this old card though, aren't they?

Pussy-willows, kittens and a that's more Easter-like than cows! Hey, that's a pretty big egg for such a small chick, and look at the size of the kittens compared to the chick.

Now here's what it's really all about...the Risen Christ.

Happy Easter everyone!


LUCKY said...

My sister inlaw took her neice to church and she came home and I talked to her later in the after noon she was tellin me about what she learned in church that all she got from it is that Jesus turned into a zombie! I laughed so hard my side hurt!

MJ said...

Wow. My eggs never look like that!

happyian said...

The chicks and the kittens will be friends
and then get separated and grow up in their own worlds
and one day the cats will be hunting the chicken and they will catch it and recognize each other and the cat will say 'Run away! and never return!'

I call it
the fox and the lion king