Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Night on the Town...

My younger daughter and I recently had the pleasure of attending a live comedy show. The show was "Spark of Insanity" and was performed by Jeff Dunham - and his amazing puppets. If you're not familiar with Jeff's work turn on Comedy Central and check him out. Or for a glimpse of his humor hop on over to Youtube and look up Jeff Dunham, Spark of Insanity and watch the version with Peanut in it, and check out Achmed Part 1 as well. Hmmm, come to think of it all!

If you don't already know it, Jeff is a fabulous ventriloquist who has several 'puppets' (alter egos) who join him on his show. He has been around for quite a few years and has appeared on the Tonight Show as well as others. His material, and sometimes his puppets, change according to where he's playing. I'll go ahead and warn you that some of his content is 'adult' in nature.

The show began with a display of pictures and one-liners on an overhead screen to get us all warmed up. The opening act was a fellow known as "Guitar Guy" who can play the daylights out of a guitar and has a wonderful sense of humor! He takes well known songs and jingles and re-writes them. One of his 'current event' songs was about Octo-mom. He was loads of fun.

Al Jeffzeera TV was in the pre-show warm up. Achmed (the dead terrorist) was trying to do a Bin Laden style broadcast but Bubba, and others, kept cutting in. He wants so much to be feared...but he's not...

This is Bubba J. He doesn't play every venue but he appeared in our area because, well, this is the South. There were a lot of people in the audience who knew his lines by heart and even Jeff had to laugh at their verbal prowess.

This purple guy is Peanut and on the right is Guitar Guy...they were making jokes about Chinese food. I like that there is a big screen so that you can get a good view no matter where you are seated.

Here we have Peanut and Jose Jalepeno (on a steek!). Go look it up on Youtube...Jose's part is short but sweet (on a steek!).

Peanut is the in-your-face obnoxious and goofy type. He's also the type that makes fun of EVERYONE (except him self) and doesn't care if it offends you, at all.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a riot! Here he is with Guitar Guy, who made appearances throughout the show. Achmed's phrase of choice is, "Silence! I keel you!!" By the way, it's not pronounced "Ockmed", it's pronounced "A-(sound of clearing throat)-med", which is spelled (according to him) "A-C-phlegm..." You have to see it..go to Youtube. NOW! Or I keel you!!

What can I tell you about Walter? Crabby old fart? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. His catch phrase is,"Shut the hell up!" He likes to complain about his wife and pretty much everything else. From the beginning one-liners to the end of the show we must have laughed for two hours. Then, at the very end, Jeff brought out some t-shirts and shot them, with a hand held cannon, into the audience. He had a large 'cannon' that could shoot to the upper levels and a smaller one for close range. It looked like quite the grown man's toy! Sorry - no canon picture. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you see his live show - it was well worth the ticket price.


Mahala said...

OMG I love him! I almost bought myself a Peanut doll for Christmas lol.

LUCKY said...

I sooooooo looove him! And i cry laughing every time Achmed comes out!(Silance I kell you!)

Kristina said...

OMG when Delbert finds out he will be so jealous. I bet you had a great time.

RisibleGirl said...

My husband LOVES this guy even more than I do.

I agree with Lucky. Achmed is hilarious.