Friday, June 26, 2009

A Miscellaneous Adventure With the Snail Household

A few weeks ago we Snail ladies did some summer shopping. While I was at the checkout making a purchase, my daughter's were wandering about the store. When I was finished at the checkout my older daughter began to rush me out the door. I figured she was bored with my store and wanted to move on to one of her choice. When we stopped a couple shops down to browse jewelry she told me she had accidentally broken off a mannequin hand in the store we just left. I asked her what she had done with the hand and she said she had set it on top of the other hand, hoping no one would notice.
I spent a number of years working in retail and knew that it probably wasn't broken. I also remembered that I had my camera along and, much to her embarrassment, I went back to the previous shop to take a look. This is the sight that greeted me. As you can see, our lovely mannequin friend is sporting two hands on one side. I realized right away that the hand wasn't really broken and showed my daughter how the hand fits into the wrist and twists back together. But not before getting a couple shots of her 'handy work'.

A couple of quick pictures (and a lot of laughter) and we were on our way, but not before a salesperson noticed. Thankfully the store personnel were good natured!


Kristina said...

LOL I would have been scared I broke it to and would have left as soon as possible. :)

LUCKY said...

The funny guy I am(some say its more of a sickness)I would slip it in the shirt so it looks like its sneaking out! Hay its funny to me!

EllenMargaret said...

Oh I am TRULY laughing out loud at this one!!! "no one would notice" ?? I noticed immediately... I can just picture your darling daughter's consternation... this will make me grin for a good while each time I remember it.