Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is me. I look like this because I am the mother of teenagers. Well, technically only one of them is a teenager - the other will gain that status over the summer. If you have teens or you've ever had teens you can relate to this picture. This woman looks like she's slightly amused but the hand-over-face expression could easily be changed to exasperation, anger, shock...well, you know.

Teens are an interesting species. Those of you who have parented or worked with teens know that it's possible to reach the peaks of joy and the pits of despair, sometimes within moments of each other. It's some sort of temporary (well, for a few years) bi-polar experience. Yes, they are continually amazing.

Sometimes they really surprise us. For example, this morning my oldest is taking the ACT. That's not the surprise. Her boyfriend is as well. Also not the surprise. Since they had to be up early they decided to stay in and 'chill' last night and get to bed early. Early turned out to be just past midnight. My idea of early and hers are obviously two different things. So, in order to chill they needed a movie to watch. Boyfriend kindly provided the evening's entertainment, which turned out to be.....THE NEVER ENDING STORY. Yes, that was the surprise part. I expected some science fiction, or murder and intrigue or a comedy. But Never Ending Story? My eldest remembers this childhood movie fondly. Her boyfriend was creeped out by it as a child, but apparently not too badly since he owns it. My younger daughter doesn't recall ever seeing it so she watched too and they all had a great time. Who would have thought?


Lucy said...

I would never do teenagers over again. My daughter's personality completely changed in Sr. year and college and she has never changed back. I am still an embarrassment to her and she's 41. It's the reason she lives 3000 miles away. I've climbed the whole mountain of what to do about it but I've come to the conclusion there's nothing I can do anymore. Now my son? Easy Peasy. Not a moment of trouble with him as a teenager and college person. Funny how their personalities are so different.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

For most of my children, I didn't notice teenagehood. They were all pretty sweet.
But I am glad they are all out of HS, and are married having children of their own.
Your children are lucky taking the ACT in the summer. Mine always took them in the spring and without fail, the stupid school scheduled a big dance the night before, so everyone came to the ACT completely hammered and exhausted.

happyian said...

My parents got off lucky
but when i move back in with them when im thirty
i plan on going through a really angsty phase