Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Jobs

I was cruising the internet this evening when I came across a story that listed the types of jobs that the happiest people in the U.S. hold. Number 8 among the top occupations in general happiness was "miscellaneous mechanical and repairing occupations". I knew it!!!!

You see there's an auto body shop on the corner, 2 blocks from the office where I work. Most mornings I'm stuck there waiting on a light. While I was waiting there the other morning I saw one of the employees setting up for the daily job of repairing and repainting. I so wished I were going there instead of to my office. Think about it.

1. I bet you don't have anything like office drama at an auto shop.

2. I never see them working late.

3. The work clothes are comfortable. Ditto for the shoes.

4. Fixing stuff creates feelings of satisfaction.

5. The large side doors are open all day so it's kind of like being outdoors.

6. The people who work there waive as you pass by and never appear grumpy.

7. They whistle while they work. Ok, I can't verify that but I bet it's true.

Of course I don't really want to breathe paint fumes or have grease under my nails, and when it's particularly cold or hot I'm glad to be indoors. But dang! I spend a lot of time dealing with people problems every day. It would be so nice to deal with inanimate objects! You know, problems you can literally fix with your hands. I suppose I could fix some people problems with my hands...namely through use of the slapping method. While the slapping method probably wouldn't go over too well, my level of job satisfaction would certainly increase!

Perhaps I could take up whistling. Then again, if I did, someone would likely use the slapping method on me....


LUCKY said...

Sence I work in automotive industry some days are filled with joy other days are asking yourself, if I go postal on this customer would I realy care if they never come back!!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I fix stuff too. I fix people's clothing, namely alterations, etc.
Today I fixed a zipper on a heavy-duty snowsuit for some guy who was passing through on his way to climb rocks south of here, altered a shirt for a rodeo girl who ropes for competition, let out a pair of pants for a man, fixed some smocking that had come undone on two pillows, took in the sides of a blouse for a woman and made it a bit more modest in the front, and altered a dress top for a member of my choir. It was a great day and I made many people happy. I watched a movie and talked to my mom on the phone for a long time while working. I didn't whistle, but I had a great time.

eldersisastronomer said...

I save scientist hiney on a pretty regular basis...