Thursday, November 6, 2008

November Blog - O-Scope

With the arrival of November comes thoughts of Thanksgiving. As we begin to plan our Thanksgiving feast we consider which of our friends and family we will share dinner with and what foods (traditional or not) we will have on the table. When Thanksgiving Day arrives we will join together at the table and consider that for which we are thankful. Our family and friends, our pets and our health, our wide screen tv's and the long weekend off from work and school. Yet there is more, isn't there? Why yes...each of us according to our astral sign has something extra to be thankful for - something we probably won't share out loud. The stars have whispered your secrets to me and I will now divulge them because that's what I do. When the stars talk I listen...and then I share the gossip information!

No need to fret if Thanksgiving isn't a holiday for you. Anyone, anywhere can join in the spirit of thankfulness - heck, have a feast while you're at it too!

Aries The Ram: From time to time you get an itch. In your ear. Or some water. In your ear. That's why Q-Tips are your secret indulgence. Who cares if they're not supposed to be poking around in there? Not you! You're just a rebel that way.

Taurus The Bull: You're not afraid of hard work, so as the rest of us break a sweat you keep your cool. Which is why your bathroom has not one, not two, but three deodorants! Well why not? One for odor, one for perspiration, and one just because.

Gemini The Twins: Mark a page in a book, leave a note on the mirror, write a reminder and stick it on your phone. Post-it notes are high on your list of lovable artifacts. You own them in several sizes and put them to use daily. You don't leave home without them!

Cancer The Crab: Who would have guessed your love of cocktail picks? That's right, colorful umbrellas, crepe paper fruits on a stick - you love that stuff! Not just in drinks either. You'll decorate anything with a pick. You've even used one as a bookmark, haven't you!

Leo The Lion: Wash your face, clean the bathroom counter, eliminate the dust on the dashboard. Baby wipes! You love 'em and use 'em for everything. Why you've been known to color on them with markers just for the awesome watercolor effect!

Virgo The Virgin: With all it's uses and colors you could stay busy for days. You know what I'm talking about: duct tape! Go ahead and enter one of those duct tape contests,creative genius that you are, you'll take top prize.

Libra The Scales: You draw people to you through your powers of attraction. Or could it be your magnets? They're so much fun. Heck, you've dumped small, metal objects on the floor just so you could enjoy the magic of picking them up!

Scorpio The Scorpion: You like to create a special atmosphere to suit your every mood. That's why you so love the dimmer switch. Now it's bright, now it's not. It's like magic! And you know what? It's just plain fun to adjust the darn thing!

Sagittarius The Archer: Some are minty, most are not. The thrill of finding out is what keeps you licking envelopes! And stamps. And gummed tabs. Now if you could avoid the occasional paper cut on the tongue whilst moistening the objects of your interest!

Capricorn The Sea goat: Ever so useful for squeaks, WD-40 makes you happy. That enamel paint you got on the carpet came right off, didn't it? You really love that long, skinny straw that fits into the nozzle. Smells good too....admit it!

Aquarius The Water Bearer: You love the challenge of sudoku and the thrill of a maze. But there's a certain satisfaction you get from lining up the little arrows when you open a bottle of medicine that just can't be explained!

Pisces The Fish: Lots of flavors and lots of scents - these are the reasons that you're passionate about lip balms! No dry lips for you - kissably soft is what you're after, and variety is the spice of your life.


CCP said...

Unfortunately, as a Taurus, I only keep one deodorant in the bathroom at a time... however, I do have back-ups in place...


RisibleGirl said...

As an Aquarian, I can totally relate to lining up the arrows on the medicine bottle. Anybody that knows me knows I'm a little OCD. ;-)

Significant Snail said...

ccp: we don't have a taurus in the house be we do seem to have lots of deoderant...

rg: that one was my daughter's favorite!