Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was just reading online about the crazy things people do and I was reminded of one of the more shocking things that happened at my office. Over the years I've seen and heard a lot, and yet people continue to amaze me.

We had a client come in one day, flip open his cell phone and proceed to display a picture of he and his wife having sex. A very close up picture. As everyone's eyes burned in their heads and our brains screamed in agony, he explained to us that the reason he knew it was he and his wife is because of the tattoo on his penis. It was a bug. I won't tell you which bug, but I know I'll never look at that particular kind of bug ever again in my life without thinking of this client. I could be 90 and senile and forget my children's names but I'll still remember this guy.

You know what's even worse about this story? The picture was completely irrelevant to why he was in our office, although he certainly thought it was important. I have to wonder if he was on drugs when he got that tattoo. Seriously, I can't imagine getting a tattoo in such a sensitive spot, let alone the particular bug he chose. I wasn't about to ask either!


happyian said...


Anonymous said...

umm... you should probably fuzz some of the details there...

LUCKY said...

I have a couple buddys that have done that I just shake my head! I like tattoos but not enuff to get one there!!!OUCH!!!!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

yeah, the bread delivery man in our grocery store compared his "Little General" with a tuna can. "not long but . . ." Every time I see him, I think of his horrible description of himself and just want to gag.
Some of those images never leave, do they? so gross

Anonymous said...

Not sure why he felt you had a 'need to know'. What a weirdo.

The Blue Ridge Gal

RisibleGirl said...

Wow. And ICK!

BJ's step-mother (who I will swear to my dying day is a complete loon) thought it was appropriate to show me the bikini lace panties that BJ's dad got her. Inappropriate for the following reasons:
1. First time I'd met her
2. They were on her body
3. She wasn't at ALL 'groomed'
4. She is almost 60.

I will never ever ever (a million evers) forget that image that is burned in my head.