Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleigh Bells Ring...

Are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. This is what I wish I were doing this time of year. I've never ridden in a horse drawn sleigh but I sure would like to! For several years I lived in Flagstaff, Arizona. For those who may not know it, Arizona isn't all desert - there are mountains and snow there as well. I loved having four seasons and in the winter I loved to ice-skate and cross country ski. My favorite cross country memory occurred at night. Some friends and I got together under the light of a full moon and followed a forest service road into the woods. The full moon shone brightly and, along with the snow, really lit up the night. We packed along plenty of hot cocoa and had a wonderful evening under the stars.

Some day I would love to spend Christmas in the mountains, taking sleigh rides, ice-skating, snuggling up to a fire with some hot cocoa, and otherwise enjoying a wintry wonderland. What about you? Do you have a dream Christmas destination?


LUCKY said...

Im reddy for a white christmas, sledin, snow filled ears and jumping around when ya crash off the old rail sled and get snow down yer pants!!! Plus its Colts first its gonna rule!!!

RisibleGirl said...

We live in an area that is surrounded by mountains and beautiful tall trees. When it snows here, it's gorgeous. I can't imagine being anywhere other than here in the winter (spring, summer or fall for that matter). Although I did love our visit to Canada for the 4th of July. Beautiful there.

My folks live in Snowflake AZ, so they get the snow and sun. It's more of an extreme than it is here.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I love the four seasons. I remember hiking through snow to a cabin where my vegan friend lived without electricity. We had chamomile tea with honey.
This Christmas we will head back to the ol' homestead to be with my mom, sis and some of my children.
Once we rode the train from Grand Junction to Denver. It was so fun to ride through the Glenwood Canyon as the snow fell softly. We could look across the river and see all the traffic crawling along. Now that was a fun trip. Not sleigh bells, but pretty peaceful.