Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ice Cream

I was at work the other day when I received a call from my youngest. She wanted some ice-cream and was having trouble opening the container. Seriously, you call me at work to ask me how to open ice-cream? You see, I usually buy ice-cream in round containers. It's not that I care about the shape, it's just that the brands I usually buy come in round containers. Except for this week, when another brand was on sale, and it happens to come in a rectangular box.

Apparently my daughter, in her dozen years of life, has only experienced round or oval containers. It's pretty easy to pop off the top and scoop from a round or oval. A rectangular box, however, was apparently too much of a challenge for her.

We're talking about the wonder child who can take apart anything and put it back together again in any number of ways. Give this girl a pile of rubber-bands, pipe-cleaners, nails, tape, plastic doohickies and miscellaneous stuff and she will create people, animals and entire worlds. You should see what she can do with Legos. The girl could be an architect, or engineer, and yet she can't figure out how to open a rectangular box of ice-cream?

Where, I ask, is her older sister? Can't she help you so that you don't need to call me at work? Ah - her sister is 'in the shower' and we all know how long that takes! Yeah, I recall being a teenage girl once. It's not just the actual time spent in the shower, mind you. It's the endless perfecting that occurs after. "Oh my God! Split ends!" She has to examine each one and trim it individually. Oh the horrors if there is a blackhead or (God Forbid) an actual zit. I can see why waiting was out of the question.

When I got off the phone my co-workers and I had a good laugh. And then we all breathed a heavy sigh. We want some ice-cream too...


Mahala said...

Sometimes I walk in an find the Amazon staring in wonder at a kitchen appliance. She's 22. It worries me lol.

Miette said...

People should read this.