Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Observation or Two...

Ok, so maybe everyone else already knows this and I'm just a little slow on the uptake, but...did you ever notice that ire is in the middle of tired??!! It really explains a lot doesn't it? NO, not about me..well, actually maybe it does explain a lot about me.

One thing I'm tired of (and it also ires me) is grey hair. I realize that it's inevitable and I do my best to fend it off with hair color, but why is it that the hairs I shed are the nice, healthy looking ones? Why don't the grey hairs ever fall out?? They kling like the devil!

Well, that's really it today. Sorry if you stopped by hoping for something more. Some days are just like that. Besides, it's quite hot and humid today. Which tires and ires me.

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BSH ADMIN said...

Oh man, i hate the grays! I am 28 and have a whole stripe of them across the top of my head. It's super annoying especially because I really LIKE my regular hair color and don't want to change it just to cover the grays. I recently went to Aveda and asked them to ONLY dye the grays. Guess what? Now I have a DARK stripe across the top of my head.