Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay is coming my way... what am I doing? Well, I went running that's what! More about that in a minute. I did go to the grocery store to stock up on some non-perishable food and some gallon jugs of water. We always have a certain amount of emergency supplies because I've lived in an earthquake zone, tornado country and now hurricane world. Not that I think this is going to be such a bad storm for us.

Right now we are in the outer bands - light wind, occasional showers. The center of the storm will move south of us and likely pick up more water from the gulf to dump on us. My biggest problem will be the power going out due to falling limbs/trees. No cooking, no air conditioning, no internet!!!! Parts of town and certain streets will flood, but it's the coastal counties that will bear the brunt of the storm. There's a chance for tornadoes but somehow they always seem to hit the counties around us...thanks to the lay of the land or perhaps dumb luck.

As for running, well this is awesome weather for running, or any exercise really. What makes it good is the light wind and rain. See with these outer bands of the storm the temperature is in the mid to high 70's, which is about 10 degrees cooler than usual. Also, no direct sun beating down on you, so it's about as comfy a run as you can have this time of year. Hey, if I'm gonna exercise it's gonna be as comfy as possible, ok? "But what about the treadmill?" you ask. Hmmm, that is air conditioned but also boring. I really do prefer the great outdoors.

The route I run starts out level then goes downhill, levels out again and then uphill on the return. For the downhill portion the wind was in my face so I figured that I would have the wind at my back on the uphill return right? Wrong. Wind has a way of shifting so there went my help on the uphill! So there I was, running with the wind fighting against me and thinking about my epitaph:

Here lies Annette,
toned and dead;
She died while running,
what more can be said?

At least I might look halfway good in the box.

Back to Fay. They announced yesterday that the schools would be closed today. Bloody hell! The kids just started back; it's us adults that need the break! Which we sort of got. I pointed out to my boss that we had no appointments until 9 this morning so we ought to sleep in. He went for it. We went in at 9, did about an hours worth of work, ate donuts and left at 11:15. That's my kind of work day.

I'm off to do errands now before it gets too ugly to drive. See you on the flip side...


happyian said...

The box,

At least.

I like that.

A storm is a good time for

Scaramouche Jones said...

Having lived in Aussie I'm all for training outside. Back here though, people think it something akin to being naked outdoors - everyone is so self conscious about it. A few months ago I took one of my clients out to the patch of grass right outside the gym to train them there, and she freaked out because a man in a car was watching her. She had no problem with 100 people inside the gym watching her, but this one guy out in the real world... :)