Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ten Things I Like ...

...followed by ten things I don't, in no particular order.


1. Home made mashed potatoes
2. Pachelbel's Canon in D
3. Warm, furry animals
4. A cold beer on a hot day
5. Peonies
6. Blueberry pie, home made
7. Get Fuzzy
8. A starry sky (especially while camping or at the beach)
9. Frogs
10. Mountains


1. Artificial sweetener
2. The term 'brain fart'
3. Whip It, by Devo (someone in my dorm played it entirely too much)
4. Cockroaches
5. Spilled sugar found on the kitchen floor by my bare feet
6. Boxing
7. Romance novels
8. Pointy toed shoes
9. Walking into unseen spider webs
10. Ferrets


Scaramouche Jones said...

I'm with you on the spider webs. Nasty little crawly things... what are peonies?

Significant Snail said...

Peonies are flowers. They are beautiful and have a wonderful aroma. They grow in cooler climates, on a bush. Actually I think there is a tree variety as well...

sari said...

Hi -

I found you through Dixie's blog.

I like Get Fuzzy as well. :-)

Have a great day!