Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beatnik Follow-Up and Hot Dog Day

Well, the poetry reading apparently went well. With my daughter's approval, I sent in snack mix and mixed nuts, washed down with non-caffeinated drinks (the school requests that we keep things 'healthy'). I was at work so I didn't get to see what went on, but I was informed that the windows were draped with dark cloth and there was a lamp for proper mood lighting. Oh, and they did snap instead of clap!! The theme this month was family. The students were asked to write their own poem or find one to read. My daughter chose to write a limerick about her grandfather:

My Grandpa's Hair

My grandpa’s in love with his hair,
If you touch it you’d better beware!
He’ll catch hold of you,
And tickle you blue,
Then laugh and say, “Don’t touch the hair!”

She's already considering what poem to use next time.

By the way, the folks at American Greetings have declared September 9th to be Hot-Dog Day. Not sure why, but what the heck. Enjoy a hot-dog today. Have it grilled, boiled, fried, or just go ahead and explode one in the microwave! Just not in my microwave! My new, beautiful, spotless microwave.

Speaking of hot-dogs, I was home from college for a visit once and my mom had fixed some hot-dogs. I took a bite and thought I would gag! Some sort of goo came oozing out and I informed her that the hot-dogs must be bad. What did she do? She laughed. A lot. Seems someone at Oscar Mayer had the brilliant idea to make hot-dogs with cheese inside them. I guess it's not a bad idea so long as you have some warning!

If you care to, leave me a comment about how you prefer your hot-dogs: relish (sweet or dill?), sauerkraut, onions, ketchup, mustard? Chili, cheese, hot peppers? I like them all different ways but right now I'm thinking chili-cheese dog with chopped onions...mmmmm!


scaramouche jones said...

Hot dog Day? Oh man...

I like mine with plenty of mustard, ketchup, and onions. Not keen on any of that saurkraut (sp?) stuff, just onions. And cheese :)

Hammer said...

Cute poem.

Yeah I remember those cheese dogs..what a nasty surprise!

BSH ADMIN said...

I like to have 2 at a time: one with mustard and sourkraut, and one with just ketchup. I've been eating low-fat, organic turkey dogs lately-- and it's totally not the same!

Glad to hear the poetry slam was a hit. So, so, so cute that they were snapping!

MJ said...

There's a local place here that makes great hotdogs. I like mine with chili, cheese, and onions. Don't skimp on the grease!