Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Farmer and His Wife Take a Vacation

Suzanne, from


took a vacation recently, along with the Farmer, and I received this postcard from her. She gave out hints before the trip, but kept the destination a secret, so it was fun to get this card and see if I had guessed correctly. I have visited caverns in other states before but never Blanchard Springs Caverns. You might think that I would have, since I lived in Arkansas for nearly eight years! I did, however, make several trips to Hot Springs, Arkansas, which was the destination of our traveling farmers.

Arkansas is known as The Natural State, so it's not hard to see why the Farmer and His Wife have property there. Between the Ozarks, the lakes, the hunting and fishing, the diamond mining in Murfreesboro, and the baths at Hot Springs - well, there's a lot for them to enjoy!

Hot Springs has a main street known as bath house row. Way back in the day you could go and get a bath in water from the natural hot springs, at any number of these places. You can visit there now and take a tour to learn all about the healing qualities and history of the bath houses. They still have one open for bathing and I tried it out a few years back. The experience consisted of several bath/shower/massage stages after which I felt quite relaxed. My eldest daughter went about a year ago, while visiting there, and partook of the ritual. She later exclaimed to me about the 'butt bath' that she had! I explained to her that she might appreciate something like that someday when she's had children of her own.

The main street now has all sorts of shops to visit as well as a wax museum. On the visit when my eldest had her bath experience, she and her sister also visited the wax museum. On their way out of the building, Eldest was apparently overcome with curiosity and touched a wax replica of a fireman that was in the window display. As luck would have it, said fireman immediately toppled over and she let out a scream. Thankfully no harm was done and the folks who run the place thought it had just fallen on it's own - which my daughter did not dispute. I wonder if he had a history of falling?

Anyway, I hope that The Farmer and His Wife didn't tip over any firemen, and I'm betting they had a terrific time all along their journey to Hot Springs and back.


scaramouche jones said...

Um ok - and why does having children make washing your butt a nicer experience?

Significant Snail said...

A sitz bath (butt bath) involves soaking your rear/private areas in warm/hot water. This offers relief for hemorrhoids and any general pain/soreness in that area (hence the childbirth comment). I suppose a sore rear from spin class or other strenuous exercise might also lead one to enjoy a sitz bath.

scaramouche jones said...

Ah ok. Get it now :D

Well, I mean I understand it now - not having a butt bath as I type :)

Significant Snail said...

Mr. Mouche: go ahead, have a butt bath as you one will know!