Friday, September 12, 2008

Junk Drawer Extravaganza!

According to the fine folks at American Greetings today is Junk Drawer Day. They have creative-minded people there that have come up with a section called Celebrate the Date. You can go there and e-mail greetings to whomever you'd like, everyday! In honor of Junk Drawer Day it's only fitting that I should take a look through my junk drawer and see what's there. Oh, and I'm bringing you along for the ride.

As I was taking pics of all this crap stuff I couldn't help but wonder what some archaeologist in the future would learn about us by examining the contents of my junk drawer. I think a disclaimer is in order: Please don't judge all mankind by these contents!

First off we have $2.00 Canadian, and some coins from Canada, Russia, Chuckie Cheese and the U.S.; batteries, various plastic parts, clips, manicure scissors and file; hairpin, safety-pin, jewelry, jewelry parts and a Rosarie ring (small, represents one decade of the full Rosarie).

Next we have two switchplates (SpongeBob!), various empty wrappers/packaging, and a camera booklet; wooden knobs, parts of a clothespin, and a 'business card' from Halloween that has my daughter's name and "Killer For Hire - Don't Call Me, I'll Call You".

Behold our walkie-talkies, brown plastic pot-scrapers (they really do work well),various sizes/types of magnets (fun!!) and a pocket knife (with the requisite broken blade); key rings/holders, a watch, car plug thingie, a cirlce of frogs and my marbles(you probably thought I lost those!).

Now we are on to screwdrivers, feathered cat toy, zip-ties and a couple of rubber-bands; florist tape, regular tape, double-stick tape and fun-tack; packet of googly eyes, scissors, florist scissors and a bottle of touch up paint for who knows what. Oh, and a piece of purple pipe-cleaner.

No junk drawer is complete without a variety of pens, pencils, a paint-brush and a crayon; a pencil eraser, pen cap without a pen and a special wood-tone marker for covering scratches on wood. They look much nicer fanned out than in the drawer, don't they?

Furthermore we have twist-ties, a clear ruler, rocks and a trilobite (fossil that looks like a rock!), labels, buttons and beads; band-aid, metal Easter egg holder, purple and orange post-it notes, and a metal ring game (in plastic); Geico gecco tattoo, and a fortune from a cookie (Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time).

Finally there is the usual assortment of paperclips, nails, screws, picture hangers, a wing-nut, miscellaneous metal pieces and thumb-tacks. All very fitting items for a junk drawer.

Well then, that's it. Now you know what's in my junk drawer. I propose that tomorrow be designated Junk Swap Day, wherein everyone removes a random piece of junk from their drawer and swaps it with their neighbor. It would be kind of refreshing to open that drawer and see something new! I'm really thankful that it's not Junk Closet Day! Come to think of it, you probably are too...


scaramouche jones said...

That's an impressive collection of junk!

One Touch Zoom 90 sounds like a company that hires male strippers :)

Significant Snail said...

Mr.Jones: wow, I didn't think of it as impressive. If I had any sense I'd be embarrassed perhaps! It's a lot of junk for one drawer. It didn't all get to go back in.

Male strippers...that would make my kitchen more impressive!

No Cool Story said...

Those plastic pot-scrapers: I need some of those. Where did you get yours?

Oh and that poor trilobite! It should be exhibited.

How did you fit all that in there?