Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miniature Men!

"And that means FUN! They can tumble, juggle, sing close harmony, perform countless difficult household chores, execute pranks and mischief, and generally make life more frolicsome. Millions of people use them regularly, just thing what they can do for you!"

Back around 1980 or so I was shopping for a birthday card and, as so often happens, I found an unrelated card that I couldn't resist. I didn't buy it with any particular recipient in mind but I was sure I could think of someone who would appreciate it. Two or three times I pulled it out of my desk drawer, intending to send it to a sister or friend, but I just couldn't part with it. Finally, I found a clear frame for it and I've had it hanging around ever since. During the early 80's it hung around my dorm. In the early 90's this picture was hanging in my office. These days it lives in my kitchen. How about those little guys!

I have a collection of cards in my desk drawer that I still add to. I have something to suit most occasions. Sometimes I actually mail one out! How about you? Anyone else collect cards? Or are you all sensible people who purchase only what you need and then send it out?


scaramouche jones said...

I don't even purchase what I need :D

Significant Snail said...

Mr. Mouche! I think you have some work to do then!

RisibleGirl said...

I'm a card collector! I love when I have time to browse through all the cards. Usually I don't have anybody in mind when I'm purchasing them- I just like the card. However, I've had occasions where I've found a perfect birthday card for someone and it isn't going to be their birthday for a while (usually, this happens with my sis). I'll send it anyway and just cross out 'birth'. So it says, Happy Day. :)

Significant Snail said...

Yay, Risible! It's good to know I'm not the only collector of cards!