Monday, September 1, 2008

September Blog-O-Scope

Blog-O-Scope is back by popular (or not) demand! Once a month I will do my utmost to provide you with insight regarding your star sign so that your blogging will be one with the cosmos, your chakras will align, your harmonics will converge and, ummm, never-before-seen things will happen...or not.

This month we'll begin with your very special (and individual) star sign colors. It may seem to you that I just randomly chose these colors but be assured that I was guided by the stars in making these selections. Or it could have been the wine...

Take a look at your color here:

List of colors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Aries The Ram: Sprinkle some Razzmatazz throughout your life and your blog to Jazz things up! This color is especially helpful for inciting comments. Include foods of this color in your daily diet and watch the verbiage flow!

Taurus The Bull: Your gonna get a blast out of blogging and so will your readers when you use Atomic Tangerine! Peel away your blogging inhibitions and juice your imagination for all it's worth.

Gemini The Twins: Don't be timid - use Safety Orange and come out of your shell! Wearing sunglasses this color will inspire you to reach new blogging heights and cause others to see you differently. Very differently.

Cancer The Crab: Expand your horizons with Papaya Whip. Use this versatile color to inflict pain, or conversely to keep things light and fluffy. This color is especially powerful when used in Hawaii. Go there. Use it.

Leo The Lion: Drink a cocktail or two made with Harlequin colored liquor before writing your next post. This color is guaranteed to stir things up in your post. If you prefer shaken, you should have at least three drinks.

Virgo The Virgin: Tyrian Purple is a very influential color! Paint your keyboard this color and you're sure to leave your mark on the blogosphere. Let the paint dry first, though, or extremely colorful words will flow.

Libra The Scales: Give your blog a jolt of energy with Cosmic Latte. As an added bonus, Juan Valdez and his donkey will visit you and provide you with some mountain grown advice. Free!

Scorpio The Scorpion: Nothing says 'I'm choosy' like Selective Yellow! Choose to surround yourself with this color and you will find yourself with many bright ideas for writing. Be sure to wear sunglasses to avoid a glaring headache.

Sagittarius The Archer: People 'round the world will read your blog when you liven it up with International Klein Blue. In fact, you should change the name of your blog to International Klein Blue then sit back and watch the comments roll in.

Capricorn The Sea goat: Zinnwaldite is a color name that says it all! You know how you love a big word, so go ahead and use Zinnwaldite in a sentence in your blog, preferably in a big font created in this color. Say it all. Say it!

Aquarius The Water Bearer: When you change your background color and font to Magic Mint your readers will be mesmerized! They won't believe the verbal sleight of hand they're not seeing. Nobody works the magic like you. Nobody.

Pisces The Fish: Never underestimate the power of Smalt! Ever!! Think about this color, dream it, live it, write about it. Walk in circles while saying it out loud, repeatedly until it makes sense.

Go forth and blog knowing that the forces of the universe are guiding you!


scaramouche jones said...

Does that mean I need to surround myself with bananas? :)

Significant Snail said...

Ummm...yeah, I hope you like bananas! Now stop monkeying around!

Scaramouche Jones said...

It's in the family. I'm a chimp off the old block :)

BSH ADMIN said...

What is Tyrian Purple? Do they make it as a nail polish?

Significant Snail said...

bsh admin: probably,don't they have every color imaginable in nail polish?

happyian said...

at coldstone
we have mint ice cream
and i think its gross...

I'm gunna have a bad month, it seems.

I like blue!
Make me blue next time!