Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Altoids for Babies

What's that you say? Altoids for babies? A curiously strong mint for babies? Well, sort see the boob word of the day is: Lactoids. So I had to wonder to myself, just what is a lactoid? A milky mint? A mint to make you lactate? A baby mint? Something to do with asteroids, like giant balls of milk streaking across the night sky? Ok, so breasts that are as big as asteroids - maybe that's it. When you're a nursing mother (some of you will have to take my word for this) you sometimes feel as if your breasts are that large. Admittedly more than a little strange regardless of which answer you pick. Perhaps you have an idea of your own. Let me know!


LUCKY said...


scaramouche jones said...

Well why not, breasts are out of this world :)