Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Names Are Obvious.....

To be more specific, some boob names are obvious. Today's boob word is one of those: babyfeeders. Very functional name. Just sticking to the facts, ma'am.


happyian said...


this theatre down the street from me has a drawing club
i talked with a guy at comicon about it
and he gave me a flyer
apparently though
they hire newd models
and then you draw them

I like to think that I am not immature
and could handle this type of situation
and I think it could be
i like to try new(d) things
but I am afraid
because I am sure my face would turn red
and I would have trouble looking at the models

I just don't handle nudity well i guess
as a boob expert
or breast-pert
what is your advice?

Significant Snail said...

Well, I guess the old "picture your audience naked" thing won't work for you...I suppose you could have your model face a mirror and then you draw the reflection. That way you aren't looking directly at them?

Or imagine they are aliens with double belly buttons on their chests....

breast-pert? me??? nah....

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Isn't "gazongas" Tonkian for babyfeeders? I think I heard that somewhere.