Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Hazard Warning

As Halloween approaches I would like to remind everyone to take the necessary precautions regarding your decorations. Specifically your carved pumpkins. Many people are not aware that you should NEVER leave alcohol near pumpkins! I received this timely warning in an email and I would be remiss if I did not pass it along to you:

Clearly alcohol and pumpkins don't mix. I have to wonder if this is the result of a pumpkin carving party. You know - some folks got together to carve and talk and have a few drinks. Eventually the topic of drunken pumpkins came up which led to the carving of drunken pumpkins and the inevitable pukin' punkin'. Makes sense to me.... I can also tell you that I would not want to come across this particular scene after having too much to drink. I think this would send me right over the edge. Anyhow, major props to the carver/designer of this Halloween scene - you're my kind of person!!

Without further ado,and in honor of our Jack O'Lantern friends I declare today's boob word to be: pumpkins! What a surprise, right?


BSH ADMIN said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AMAZING. I am totally making the barfing pumpkin for my apartment.

eldersisastronomer said...

Barfing Pumpkins... sounds like the name of a rock group...


Significant Snail said...

bsh admin: yeah, very inspiring isn't it?

esa: I wouldn't be surprised if someone used that name!

happyian said...

Boobs make me uncomfortable
Pumpkins do not.

Also, I think there are lots of things to not be around when you are drunk.

Photo-booths, tape recorders, pictures of your ex, phones, roller-skates, children, clothing stores


LUCKY said...

We did the same but we went as far as putting out a toilet and giving the pumpkin a body! And also I think there is a band with that name, corse there was the band Smashing Pumpkins!!